Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hello! today i got lost again. whats new. Amsterdam is the strangest city. the streets get me sooooooooooo lost. I have never encountered such a strange system. A good map of amsterdam could not even prevent one from losting. Getting lost makes my feet hurt.
It is hot today, very nice. Attempted to shop for shoes, one pair of mine have a whole growing in the sole. But since I refuse to pay 40 euro, I walked home empty handed. I really need some purple hightops though.
I met my friend Will at 1:30 (I was late of course due to the fact that the streets got me very confused.) and we sat in the very nice, very large park. Sitting was important. My feet really hate me. I got a death threat from the right one yesterday. Now I am on the internent. Who knows whats instore for tonight. Not me.
Tomorrow I am off to Brussels to meet ELINE! that will be fun!

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