Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today Sab and I are going on a little roadtrip! We are driving north to some ocean towns and sleeping in the back of her car! So euro 1965 I know. We are bringing a gas stove and we are going to cook our food in dark corners. We just started packing today, and we are leaving in about an hour, so hopefully we bring what we need. Whatever. Then we are going to drive to Berlin and stay a night. I would really like to go to a museum, we will see. Auf Wiedersehen! Be back in 3!


We drove to Wismar, we got there around 5 30. Then we cooked dinner next to our car. Then we wandered around the CUTE town. The architecture was adorable and everything was painted pastel colors! Sigh. We went into this church that was AMAZING! It was massive and old (like a lot of churches around here, but for some reason this one was especially enjoyable). Then we walked to the harbor and say boats and a sun. It was very nice, I liked it very much. THEN we drove to Strasund, another beach town popular with German tourists. We parked the car by the side of the road and went and had a drink at a cafe. then BED.

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