Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today was a day. A good day: This post is going to take me a long time to write, the belgian keyboard is even more scrambled: (: is a period ok,)
^that took me 5 min^

I woke at 7 this morn and checked out, got b fast and went to take the tram to the train station (I never payed for the tram once, they never asked, muahhaha) Everything was going smoothly untill I realized I had gotten on the tram going the opposite direction of the station: awesome. I got to THE opposite end of town and switched: my 10 min tram ride turned into 45 min: My train was at 8 26 and I was on the tram till 8 28: meaning i missed my train: luckily I there was another train at 8 54 that i could take: ufda: but i had to somehow contact eline and tell her i would be later,,,so, sorry mom and dad, i resorted to my cell phone,,,and i didnt have a phone card: sorry: it worked and she was at my gate when i got there! with her friend dafney:
From there we put my stuff in a locker at the station and met thier friend BJ and started the "tour" of Brussels: BJ knows everything about everything, so i learned a lot today; we went allll over; i saw many sights, there is very beautiful architecture here; we went to this nieghborhood where everyday they have this junk market, used everything; i was in heaven!!!!!!!! i was so overwhelmed i could barely think to buy anything; i could buy everything there;
we saw the "little piss boy" a very famous attraction in brussels; i dont get it; it is literally a 1 foot tall statue of a little peeing boy; there were people poseing for pics infront of it; hillarious; there is also a little peeing girl, ze saw that too; ha!
i stood in the center of belgium:
i saw the most beautiful town square in the world
i saw a giant molecule of iron;
i at belgian fries
i learned some dutch
i realized i dont remember any french
i got sun burned
i tried cherry beer
i went to a bar with the largest beer selection, the menu was a novel
i saw a palace

gooood day; again, my feet hurt, hurt, hurt

{elines appartment is sooo nice!!}

tomorrow we are going to attempt to get me a ticket to the festival that they are going to, it is sold out, if there is a will there is a way! cross your fingers!!!

i still didnt get shoes mom;

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