Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hello all!
Today we woke at 5 30 to go decorate the theater for Sab's graduation. And then.......I spent 8 hours there. OOF. The cerimony started at 10 and lasted till 1 30. It was VERY similar to an American High School graduation, but minus the cap and gown and plus a lot of German. Sab's mom tried to translate a lot of it, nice. Sab wore her cap and gown from MN and switched the tassle and everything. It was cute. If you didn't hear them speak, ALL the students look like they are straight from Roseville Area High School. The girls were wearing thier sweatpants and little lacey tanks with messy buns and the boys were wearing thier jeans and tees (that was prior to the cerimony, before they had dressed up) (the boys are slightly more stylish than MN boys, I must say.) I never realized how truely Americanized Germany is.
After the cerimony we went back to Sab's and had a GERMAN BBQ. Meaning-MEAT. LOTS. I have pictures its rediculous. I am not going to lie, I ate some, and some, I admit, was good.
Now I digest tiredly.

(spelling = terrible)

SURPRISE! Moday I am going to Amsterdam for 3 nights! I realized that I have over a week left b4 work so I thought I might as well take advantage of the fact that I am here and everything is so CLOSE! (I also feel kinda bad about making Sab entertain me for so long. She is great). Then on Thursday I am going to BELGIUM to stay with ELINE for 2 nights. We are going to a festival of some sort on Friday and then I leave for camp Sat morn.
Thats whats up with me.


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