Tuesday, June 23, 2009



SOOOOOO yesterday i didn"t have much time at all to write. if you didn't notice. (i have to get used to a normal keyboard again.)
I am in AMSTERDAM! I got here at about 3 yesterday, and i immediately went to walk around. AND I basically walked around the whole city. I had no map and I got very lost. I walked for 7 hours. saw it all, 3 days might get long here haha. There is an extreme lack of momuments here, but an ecessive amount of tourists. (lots of hippies. *wink) I saw lots of things, but since i had no literature on anything, i had no idea what i was seeing. hmm...should have done that maybe. Everything closes at 6 here btw. Ecept coffee shops and bars. There are H&Ms on every corner. Followed by a Steak House, then a coffee shop. I am staying right by the Rijks museum, and there is a very nice park there witch I have been hanging out at.
Last night I met a guy from Ohio who is an art major here "studying" for 2 weeks. I also met a girl from Switzerland who is here for the ACDC show today (i don"t know her name so I call her ACDC girl.) Well, the 3 of us went walking around last night. So I saw the whole city again. We went to the redlight district, saw girls in windows and such. Then we went to the "ROck Bar" (ACDC girl's idea) where they were BLASTING ACDC. It was hillarious, Will and I were VERY out of place. FYI ACDC girl wears ONLY ACDC shirts and spider rings, but I don't think she is as hardcore as she dresses. ahha. She barely speaks english and always looks at me blankly.
I was POOPED and I fell asleep instantly in my VERY comfy bed.
Today Will and I went to the Rijksmuseum, it was surprisingly SMALL, I think most of it is under construction. bummer. It was very nice though. Then we attempted to find another museum and failed. Streets here are confusing, and we were lazy and lacking a good map. Everystreet is somethingSTRAT. We walked and walked all day, saw the entire city for a third and forth time. IT IS SMALL. We found the queen's palace, but it cost to get in, so we didn't go. We found some cool galeries and went in those. Bassically we were just lost all day, then we finally found our way "home" and I took a nap.
This hostel is very nice. IDK what I am going to do tonight or tomorrow.
Maybe I will splurge on some food. I haven't bought anything but a baggett, nutella and an orange. Saving money.

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