Sunday, June 14, 2009


Here is a pic from when we walked the Champs Elysees. (thats Claudia)
It is late late afternoon. I slept till 1 30!!!!!!! and I went to bed at 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ummm.....I didn't think I was jet lagged, but I thought wrong! I am still half asleep and it is 4pm. We were going to go to lunch with the whole family at 1 30. But I was sleeping so we are now going to dinner. Yikes. I feel bad. Right now I am sitting in Sabrina's room with her and her friend and we are drawing and making decorations for graduation.
Here it is....................................................
I left my sketchbook on the train. I am soooo sad. I ALMOST cried. I swore it would never happen again, and it did. And it happened in the same way, traveling a long distance to meet a friend, and tiredly and forgetfully leaving it on the bus/train. RRR. At least there were only 4 days worth of journaling in it. BUT STILL. Now I am using a little book Sabrina nicely gave to me. Maybe the nice person that finds it will mail it back to me...maybe. DAMN.
I think the plans for the rest of the day are just to hangout and then go to dinner.


OK false alarm! I HAVE MY SKETCHBOOK! Here is the crazy crazy story about how I got it back...
So the phone rings at sabrina's house and her mom answers and she says its for me, um...who would call me? She keeps talking to the mysterious person on the phone and she shouts "THIS MAN HAS YOUR BOOK!" I jumped with joy and we hopped in the car and drove to this man's house, witch coincidentally was very close to Sab's. When we got there the man gave me my book. He spoke perfect english, he barely had an accent and he had been to the US several times and he had even been to MN! THIS is the crazy part! Where did he find it you ask? He found it at a club/bar on Sat night! His friend found it on a bench and it ended up in his car and he found it the next morning. I was not at any bar or club, so somehow it got from the train to the bar that day! OOO I love it! Sabrina and her sister got text messages on Sat (but didn't see them till today) from another person, saying they have madeline's book , they found it on the train and that she probably wants it back. THEY WERE RIGHT! So that person probably brought it with them to the bar and then left it and then this other dude found it! O god I love stories like this. I wish they would have written in it. Good thing I had a millon phone numbers in there, right? eh?
You can all stop your worrying.


  1. hannah dear, have you been reading my other posts...? haha. she is a girl i met at the hostel.