Thursday, June 11, 2009


I think I was meant to live here. The men are so attractive here! STYLE anyone?
I had a long about 4 hours of sleep total. Feelin good. I made it to my youth hostel! I had to take the train and then the metro and then walk and of course I got lost on the walking part. I showed up to ALOHA HOSTEL sweating and panting cause I had just walked a mile or 2 with all my stuff. I packed surprisingly light however, I was impressed with myself. Now I am just bumming around till 5pm so I can check in and get my room at the hostel. I went to a cafe for awhile and had a cafe au lait. I felt so french, ecept for the fact that I have a terrible american accent, the server was not fond of it. This whole jet lag thing is wierd. It is dinner here, and breakfast at home. My layover was in Iceland, and I decided that I need to go back! It is such a facinating country! I learned that the population is only 300,000 and it is the size of england and 60% of the population lives in one city! Plus, everyone is blonde, its hilarious. I have yet to meet anyone at the hostel, none of them are speaking english or french. Tonight I am going to walk to the Eiffel Tower! YAY! This part of the city I am in is very nice, there are lots of schools, all the kids smoke cigarettes and ride razor scooters. I haven't seen many tourists though, or if I have they are good at blending in. I am trying to do that, I think it works if I am not carrying my huge backpackers pack. Some little french boys tried to scare me, that was funny, I just gave them a look of disgust. I only have a little longer with the AU REVOIR!
(p.s. I am safe safe safe mom and dad! LOVE YOU!)


  1. MADDIE! I am glad you are safe! I am jealous, I wish I was in France. Have fun at the Eiffel tower.

    Creep on you soon,