Friday, June 12, 2009


literally it is early. I just had a little french petite breakfast and now I am trying to get my ticket to Germany, (I really should have done that early. God damn it. I have to call them). I met 2 people at breakfast. One from BRAZIL (hannah, cool eh?) and another girl from Portugal, who lives in London. I am going to take the metro with her to the area with Notre Dame and the Pompidu today. (INSERT: yes i know my spelling is terrible, I am in a hurry and there is no spell check and this is a french keyboard).
Last night I walked to the Eiffel Tower and got lost for about 2 hours cause my map was shitty, it was a good walk though. I ate dinner at a cafe and then climbed all 702 stairs to the very top (the second floor anyway) it was the PERFECT TIME! It was dusk and I got to see the sun set! The line was INSANE! But savy me took the stairs route witch had a much shorter line than the elevator (the elevator is LAME). I spent awhile on top and then I climbed my way down and took the metro home. At this point it was about 11:30! I was pooped. I showered in the COLD shower and went to bed in my EMPTY room, there are 4 beds and no-one else came last night, kinda cool, but a bit lonley. I didn't meet anyone yesterday :( today will be better, I already have a buddy :)
I must go! BISOUS!


So I wrote all of this whole heartedly yesterday and then it didn't save. so here is a half ass version.
So I met Claudia and then we took the metro to Notre Dame. It was nice. Claudia loves taking photos. in front of everything. it is hilarious. then we walked around. shopped and tried not to buy anything (i have to carry it around so no thanks) then we went to the Pompideu! I LOVED IT. favorite part of the day. they had a kandinsky expo. brilliant. I could have spent all day there, but claudia was not as thrilled as i. then we ate, and walked and walked and walked. then we went back to the hostel and napped. then we met up again and went to the moulin rouge. very shady part of town. funny. then we went to see the pyramids at the louvre at night. again it was the perfect time, and the sun was setting and the pyramids cast a shaddow on the louvre. sigh. then we walked and walked down the champs elysees. i was so tired. still am. my feet hurt. then we returned and slept. the end. good bye.


  1. oh hey sweet thing! i'll be in paris in a couple weeks, will you still be around? :) would be so fun to get together a lil bit! let me know. have fun, talk soon.

  2. I will be in La long will you be in paris/france/europe?


    hahaha i had never heard that, but sabrina and her friend were just singing along, and they said it was a disgrace that i didn't know it. haha.

  5. hehehehehe. just for you loverface. have MORE fun in germany. And im sooooo sorry about your sketchbook. Maybe you should just leave them all over the place with your address and see how many get back to you. probably none, but STILL. cool idea, eh? hahah.